The Sprinkler

Rebecca Andrews is also Melbourne’s vibe (it’s not a blog) The Sprinkler.

A weekly email to Australia’s media – and a few thousand legends who signed up to get it and be kewl – The Sprinkler tells you what’s up this weekend, explores the life of a Maddawg and comes at you with reviews of places she has been or nights out with mates. Sometimes she reviews bad dates.

The Maddawg interviews… there are heaps more tho, just click through

Kortney – the woman with the world’s deadliest thighs
Joey – the Hawaiian orphan who became a supermodel and then discovered OMFG who his parents were
Tony – the war journalist who hung with Dalai Lama, Princess Di and Saddam
Nicky – the accidental Britpop party boy turned award winning photographer
Justine – who grew up like a pirate on a ghost island
Laura – quit her corporate job to hike New Zealand from top to bottom, on her own.
Shaani – cock-blocking and moving bodies
Jerome – the man who changed a city barefoot

Eat / Drink reviews:

Getting Robbed – and losing the best album of 2000
Love – The Numbers Game
Oaks Day – How To Rock The Shit Outta Oaks Day
Collinghood – The Mean Streets
MIFF – Opening Night
Sydneh Road – Cowboys and Moshpits
Bumble – The Match
The Afterparty – Community Cup 2019
Training – Tim fcking Rogers
Millennial House Party – double whammy amyl daddy
Thwarted – Robbery on Chaps
Eat it – Chotto Motto