C’est Moi

Rebecca Andrews is a writer, producer, tourism marketing specialist, casting producer/director and and all-round legendary creative who is known for telling ripper yarns. 

With a distinctly quirky and engaging writing style, Rebecca writes mostly travel, specialising in making foreign experiences – cruising Iceland, road tripped Japan and floating down the Nile to a crocodile tomb – really bloody relatable. Her ridiculous & hilarious travel tales have the knack for going viral and appear in print, online, in the glossies and sometimes end up featuring on the telly.

This nifty babe has spent 23 years producing travel documentaries, organising shoots and tv specials for a few lil names like Oprah, Ellen, Ewan MacGregor and Jay Park, as well as productions such as Korean Celebrity Idol, BBC Travel, Tasty Road Korea, Avec Eric USA and Good Morning Britain. In 2021 she produced the first ever VR film for the United Nations New York which explored the effect climate change is having on local communities in Fiji, filmed during international COVID lockdown (read: impossible red tape everywhere trying to shut the shoot down).

Rebecca has over 18 years of experience promoting destinations, including a 12 year stint at Visit Victoria spearheading major events, and global campaigns for events like the San Pelligrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Tourism Australia’s Restaurant Australia. From managing the international media team to leading the PR & communication strategies for Melbourne major events she played an integral part in defining the brand and destination that is Melbourne.

Rebecca has a parallel career as a casting VIPs and celebrities for shows including ABC’s Reputation Rehab, Arts Works and WTFAQ. She is currently working at EndemolShine where she is the mastermind behind finding the perfect cast for reality shows including MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, Survivor, Big Brother, Blow Up, Hunted and Rush. 

How it all began?
In 2012 Rebecca began writing TheSprinkler.com.au for shits and gigs, talking about the newest events and the kewlest people in Melbourne. With a cult following of thousands who signed up for these weekly emails, the popularity of The Sprinkler cemented her as an entertaining, funny, creative who knows how to tell ripper yarn that everybody wants to hear, read and watch.